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Your Guide To Visiting The Charleston Tea Plantation


Modified: March 10, 2020

by Ankit Sharma

Tea leaves at a tea plantation
©Photo by Christine Wehrmeier on Unsplash

Does the idea of relaxing and walking around a lush garden attract you? If so, how about doing that in a tea plantation! You can do that by visiting the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina. The Charleston Tea Plantation is an absolutely wonderful place to relax and learn about tea.


The trip is as much an experience as it can be a family trip on a lovely afternoon. There is plenty to see and learn at the Charleston Tea Plantation. The green fields and amazing scenery around make it an amazing picnic spot. Getting tours around the plantation is perhaps the best use of time on this wonderful location.


You can look into Trolley tours or get access to the on-site factory too. You can look into the trolley tours here. But first, let us look into how to get there and some other useful travel information:


Where Is It And How To Get There?

Located in the south of Charleston in South Carolina, the Charleston Tea Plantation is not hard to find. Around 20 miles from the Freshfields roundabout, you can locate this plantation on Wadmalaw Island. It is a perfect day trip location and something you can cover the entirety of easily.


Best Time To Visit

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Photo by ahoycharleston.com


You can visit the Charleston Tea Plantation all year round. Ideally, you can visit it in the morning itself to have an entire day to yourself here. The best time season-wise would be springtime. That time, you can relax under the oak trees and willow trees around the site. The scent of tea plantation, as well as overall greenery, make for an immensely relaxing environment.


Attractions And Things To Do


Trolley Tour

Trolley tours - Your Guide To Visiting The Charleston Tea Plantation

Photo by CNN.com


Traveling around the plantation in a trolley on a lovely morning or a sunny afternoon is an amazing experience. There are trolley tours to cover the plantation and even factory tours. You can sit in a trolley and enjoy the amazing sights of the plantation as well as explore around.


Taking photos and smelling the relaxing scent of tea in the air is an experience worth visiting the plantation for. You can book the trolley tours here. The tour is around 35-40 minutes in duration and you get to see the major things around the plantation with this.



Factory Tour

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Photo by dangtravelers.com


Aside from seeing the plantation, the lush green tea fields, and the amazing flowers is something you can expect to see on foot. The American Classic Tea originates from this plantation and you can learn about it on the factory tours. You can look into more details and book the factory tour here.


The Factory Tour is pretty interesting and quite a learning experience. It is definitely something to look forward to. In this tour, you can learn about the entire cycle of how tea is picked and packed and the manufacturing process as well.


You can peep through the glass at the state of the art manufacturing equipment. The factory tour is quite an interesting experience and unique to this plantation. This is especially suited for families and educational tours and can help in understanding how they make the amazing American Classic Tea. You can look up further tour packages on the official site of the Charleston Tea Plantation here.


More Exploration

Charleston Tea Plantation Thumb8 - Your Guide To Visiting The Charleston Tea Plantation

Photo by visit-historic-charleston.com


There is plenty to explore around the plantation. While most of it is covered by the tours, you can still find gift shops and other attractions. You can buy the tea right from the on-site gift shop among other team products and souvenirs. The souvenir shop sells things such as beauty products, apparel, utensils, kettles among many other items. You can look into some of it here.


Activities And Events

Apart from the various exploration activities, you can also organize events such as get-togethers, reunions, garden parties, and even your dream wedding. The staff is more than happy to help and you can get the perfect backdrop for your wedding and other events.


There are even accommodation options available nearby in case your guests are flying in. You can look into staying at the Andell Inn by Marriott nearby and make sure your event is worry-free. The opportunity to get your wedding photography done here is another big plus. Moreover, with the environment and the general vibe of the plantation, it makes for an amazing backdrop for your dream wedding too.


Final Thoughts

The plantation is a wonderful piece of land and has a virgin nature feel to it. The entire island has a very attractive environment and the weather makes it even more perfect. Visiting the Charleston Tea Plantation as a school group or as a family will definitely be a wonderful experience. You should definitely look into guided Trolley and Factory tours on their official site here and the links given above.


The plantation is especially good to visit in the spring season and the overall marsh and cool climate make it even better. Whether it is for your dream wedding or a garden party, you can expect a majestic backdrop with a lovely scent in the air to accentuate your experience. The on-site shop is another attraction to relax and look for products and souvenirs to carry back home. Moreover, the front side of the shop is even good for a lovely lunch or dinner experience.


An outing in this blissful location or your dream wedding in this surreal place is quite an experience. The Charleston Tea Plantation is the perfect location for a weekend getaway or a sunny day exploration in the countryside. Moreover, with the scent of the tea in the air, you can forget about your stresses and relax in the shade of the towering oak trees.


Make it a picnic or a weekend getaway, or the dream wedding you have always wanted, and the plantation transforms into what you need. In case you have any more queries and personal experiences to share, please let us know in the comments below!


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