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Your Ultimate Guide To Ocean Park, Hong Kong


Modified: August 31, 2021

by Edwin Lau

Grand Entrance to Ocean Park Hong Kong
© Photo by Jackl on Wikimedia Commons

An Overview Of Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong, commonly known as Ocean Park, is a theme park that is home to an oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park. Situated at Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, China, the impressive Ocean Park is one of the region’s premier tourist attractions. 

From viewing marine-themed exhibits to sitting a rollercoaster, there is so much to do in Ocean Park. So before you start booking your tickets, check out this extensive guide on what you can expect to see in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.


Getting To Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park is located a distance away from the more populated areas of Hong Kong due to its size. Still, the magical experience that awaits you is worth the effort to get there. You could reach Ocean Park by car or public transport such as the MTR South Island Line, Citybus’s Ocean Park Express bus service, or public bus.


Ocean Park Ticket Prices

Ocean Park is an extremely popular theme park with thousands of visitors flocking to its gates daily. Therefore, the best decision you can make is to buy your admission tickets in advance. You can get your tickets at the nearest 7-Eleven store, book it on Ocean Park’s official website or approach the ticketing booths at bus terminals where you board an Ocean Park Express bus.


Purchase a General Admission Adult ticket for HK$498. You can also buy a child’s ticket for HK$249, applicable for young ones between the ages of 3 to 11.


Ocean FasTrack tickets

If you are willing to spend money for an enhanced theme park experience, get an Ocean FasTrack ticket. Ocean FasTrack tickets are an add-on service for Ocean Park guests. With the standard Ocean FasTrack ticket, you can enjoy priority access for specific designated rides and attractions, while the more expensive Ocean FasTrack tickets will allow for priority access to all rides and much more. Ocean FasTrack Tickets vary in costs from HK$280 to HK$520.


Hotel Accommodations

Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is located directly next to Ocean Park’s main entrance. You can find many beautiful and bright tropical fish in the lobby’s aquarium and rest in guest rooms which are decorated after Ocean Park’s attractions. In addition, hotel guests will have full access to the Lagoon Pool, Harnn Heritage Spa, Fitness Centre and Kids’ Corner.  


Do not wish to spend the night at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel? No worries! Thankfully, you can check in at one of their hotel partners instead. These hotels include reasonably priced Ocean Park packages with its hotel room rates. For example, a hotel called Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay is charging HK$4,800 + 10% service charge (including two-night accommodation with breakfast and two Ocean Park daytime adult admission tickets).


Ocean Park Attractions

Ocean Park comprises of two main attraction areas, the Waterfront and the Summit, which are separated by a mountain and connected by cable car and the Ocean Express funicular train. The Waterfront is subdivided into 3 attraction zones, while the Summit is subdivided into its 5 zones.


The Waterfront 

Aqua City

Amazing Asian Animals

Whiskers Harbour


The Summit

Marine World

Polar Adventure

Adventure Land

Thrill Mountain

The Rainforest


The Summit, as you can probably guess, is at the top of the mountain. So, visitors often pick one attraction area to explore first, before taking the cable car or the Ocean Express to explore the other. But where should you start? Which ones are you the most interested in? Let’s explore what you can find within the two main attraction areas and their subsequent attraction zones right now.


Quick tip for Animal-Lovers

Besides the standard animal shows, majority of the animal attractions you find in Ocean Park also offers visitors personal meet and greets with the animals from the exhibit. With such programs, you may touch, feed or take pictures with the animals under the watchful eye of its handlers. Book a day in advance before 5 pm online or at the main entrance ticketing office. You could try on-site application as well, but chances of getting a slot will be slimmer. Apply in person at Waterfront Gifts, Ricky’s Shack, Shutters, Rainforest Gift Shop and The Lodge 45-minutes before afternoon programme schedule if you are unable to book a day in advance.



Aqua City, The Waterfront 

Magnificent view of Aqua City's iconic structures

© Photo by Anniewongw on Wikimedia Commons




Sea Life Carousel

The Sea Life Carousel is a pleasant looking ride with up to 13 uniquely designed sea animal seats such as the orca, the clownfish and hammerhead sharks. If you have children, this will definitely be an interesting experience for them. 




Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium is the most popular attraction in the Aqua City attraction zone. Inside the Grand Aquarium, you will encounter over 400 different species of fish from the shore to the depths of the ocean. Chances are, you will get to see rare species that you never knew existed. There is also the gorgeous Panoramic Ocean Gallery where the world’s largest viewing aquarium dome lies.


Aqua City’s Lagoon

Also, in front of the Grand Aquarium, is Aqua City’s Lagoon. This is where you can attend a popular night show called “Symbio!”. It features the world’s one and only 360 degree water screen show, fireworks, lasers, music and “dragons”. Make sure you get to experience the spectacle first-hand yourself, next time you visit.


Adventures in Australia

Adventures in Australia is a place where you can meet cute furry koalas, red-necked wallabies and more. In addition, there is an immersive walkthrough experience where guests take part in interactive games and are encouraged to help save the planet.


Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures is home to two Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed monkeys, Le Le and Qi Qi, and Ocean Park’s treasured giant panda, An An. These animals are endangered and are protected here in the park by loving caretakers. Visitors are encouraged to visit Le Le, Qi Qi and An An and learn about the importance of conservation.


Old Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong is a long street dedicated to the history of Hong Kong, especially during the ’50s to early ’70s. The delicacies and overall aesthetic of Old Hong Kong replicates an old rustic Hong Kong city street so whoever explores it can relieve the old days in an extremely interactive way. There are a few replicas of iconic structures back in the day, such as the old Grand Cinema. Furthermore, there are overall more than 70 types of local street food lining the street. You are in for a foodie experience that you’ll never forget!




Aqua City Bakery

Speaking of food, Aqua City has areas to dine in after a long day of exploring too. If you are a fan of baked goods, Aqua City Bakery is where you can have cookies and sandwiches and other baked goods fresh from the oven. Order your panda and penguin cakes on Ocean Park’s website so that when you get to the store, you can be served freshly made cakes immediately!


Neptune’s Restaurant

Neptune’s Restaurant is an aquarium restaurant that gives its customers an astonishing view of the Grand Aquarium which can also be found in Aqua City. It serves delicious seafood cuisine of all kinds such as the Double-boiled Consommé and Ocean’s Dream, which is Marinated Abalone in Hua Diao and Sake. Overall, Neptune’s Restaurant provides an amazing culinary and visual experience for all who enter.


Ginger Grill

Ginger Grill is, as you can probably imagine, an open-fire charcoal grill restaurant. As soon as you walk through the doors, you will be greeted with the aroma of grilled meat and a grill station in the middle of the restaurant. Meat-lovers should make the Ginger Grill their go-to for lunch and dinner!




Deep Sea Traders

Aside from all the shops you find at Old Hong Kong, there are other noteworthy retail outlets around Aqua City that you should consider stopping by too. At the Deep Sea Traders, you shop for marine animal-themed goods like plushies, all while peeking into the Grand Aquarium through portholes.


Waterfront Gifts

Waterfront Gifts offers similar products, but are more inclined to provide a greater variety of options.



Lastly, Shutters, another highly recommended shop at Aqua City, allows you to get your memorable photographs developed.



Amazing Asian Animals, The Waterfront

Adorable close up of Giant Panda, Ying Ying

© Photo by Anniewongw on Wikimedia Commons




Amazing Bird Theatre

The Amazing Bird Theatre is where you can get up close and personal with extraordinary birds of prey like eagles, falcons and vultures. Its 20-minute bird show “Emperors of the Sky” allows visitors to observe these apex predators as they snatch scraps of meat off their handler’s hands. You might even be one of the lucky few who are chosen to volunteer for several stunts. Above all, the show inspires visitors to love and learn to protect these birds and their habitat.


Gator Marsh

At the Gator Marsh, visitors will get to see the critically endangered Chinese alligator. The Chinese alligator, also known as the “Earth Dragon”, has been hunted down for its hide and supposed medicinal use. Learn more about conservation practices at the Gator Marsh and catch sight of one of the last 200 Chinese alligators left in the whole world!


Giant Panda Adventure

Giant Panda Adventure features Ying Ying and Le Le, Ocean Park’s two giant pandas, some red pandas from the forests of Mainland China, and the Chinese giant salamander which is known for being the largest amphibian in the world. There is a Trainer’s talk about the Giant Salamander which lasts a short 15-minutes in the afternoon. Make sure you check Ocean Park’s website for the programme’s starting time as it is subject to change based on the animal’s condition that day. Lastly, there is also the Red Panda feeding demonstration which lasts for a mere 10-minutes. You wouldn’t want to miss it, so make sure you have the timings right!


Panda Village

Ironically, Panda Village is home to many rare birds and adorable otters instead of pandas. Refer to Ocean Park’s website for information on timings for their 2 popular activities, “Otter (Animal Fun Talk)” and “Otter Feeding”. The Otter Feeding activity, in particular, is a very popular attraction for many as you will get to catch cute small otters show off their hunting prowess in front of your eyes.


Goldfish Treasures

Surround yourself with hundreds of sparkling goldfish of all colours at Goldfish Treasures. Learn about goldfish and study their importance to Chinese culture. Also, be inspired by the Goldfishes’ underlying messages of peace between humans and wildlife.


Emerald Trail

Lastly, we have a non-animal related experience. The Emerald Trail is a verdant garden filled with lush greenery and the occasional chirping from birds. This beautiful area is the perfect place to relax as you stroll along the path. Also, you can take pictures along the pond as the sunlight peeks through the overhanging leaves above.




Club Panda

Club Panda provides the best foodie experience for panda-lovers. So, get your cameras ready because this lovely eatery serves up tasty panda-inspired foods, Cantonese-style dim sum and many other Chinese delicacies. Similarly to Aqua City Bakery, you can order panda cakes on Ocean Park’s website so that when you get to the store, you can be served freshly made cakes.




Panda Kingdom Shop

The Panda Kingdom Shop mainly features giant panda and red panda products. Apparels, accessories, photography and much more are available here.



Whiskers Harbour, The Waterfront

Cool picture of the exterior of Castle of Redd

© Photo by 颲風 on Wikimedia Commons


Is Whiskers Harbour only for children?

Whiskers Harbour, previously named “Kid’s World”, features many attractions for children and little else. Adults are still welcome to let their hair down and enjoy the fun and games here. However, do make Whiskers Harbour a priority if you have any children travelling with you.




Balloons Up-Up-and-Away

Balloons Up-Up-and-Away is a Ferris Wheel ride with a cool hot air balloon theme. As the ride mainly directed towards children, the height of this ride is not so thrilling. However, it is an interesting experience that you could try for fun. 


Bouncer House

Bouncer House is a large jungle-themed, fully padded, inflatable bouncing castle with a mini obstacle course and slide. It is a must-experience for all children who visit Ocean Park, Hong Kong. This ride has a maximum height requirement, so make sure you check out our list of ride restrictions below.


Castle of Redd

Castle of Redd is the perfect playground for children to make new friends as they explore the tunnel mazes. It replicates a lovely castle with castle walls, lookout towers and flags so that children playing within can let their imagination run wild while playing pretend.


Frog Hopper

Frog Hopper is the children’s version of a regular theme park’s Drop Tower. Children are strapped into the “frog” seat and are launched or “hopped” high into the air before landing back on the ground. 


Jungle of Giants

The Jungle of Giants is an outdoor jungle-themed playground with ropes and ladders to climb, and tunnels and slides to explore. It is child-friendly so it is safe for children to run around and have the time of their lives. Pose and take pictures of mascot figures like Whiskers and check out the giant insect models scattered around the ground!



There is a classic Merry-go-round in Whiskers Harbour as well. The rides are pretty fairytale horses with poles gilded with gold. If you missed the Sea Life Carousel at Aqua City, The Waterfront, you should definitely take the opportunity to check out the Merry-go-round. 


Toto the Loco

Toto the Loco is a small brightly coloured train that takes children and adults through a miniature forest to meet funny clowns playing various instruments such as accordions, cellos and violins. Have the time of your life on this musical locomotive ride!


Whiskers Theatre

Lastly, is the well known Whiskers Theatre and its “Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey” show. Get a cute stamp on your hand and sing-along with Whiskers & Friends whilst learning about climate change and its effects on the environment. It is a full 20-minute show so your time will definitely be well spent. Be sure to check Ocean Park’s website for timings so you don’t miss it.



Polar Adventure, The Summit 

Beautiful image of Arctic Fox and its den

© Photo by Mk2010 on Wikimedia Commons




Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is an amazingly “cool” roller coaster ride, pun intended. Here, you can sit on a sleigh and be whisked through Ocean Park’s snow-themed wonderland with your friends and family!




Arctic Fox Den

The gorgeous Arctic Fox Den is where you can meet the elusive tundra predator. Also, discover how it survives in one of the most unforgiving environments on earth. The Arctic Fox’s fur changes colour accordingly, depending on which season you visit the Arctic Fox Den and visitors are able to learn about how we can protect this creature’s habitat during its show “Arctic Fox (Animal Fun Talk)”. No other theme park in the world would be able to get you this close to this amazing creature, so do not hesitate and make the Arctic Fox Den one of your must-see attractions. 


North Pole Encounter

At the North Pole Encounter, admire Ocean Park’s two bubbly pacific walruses and playful spotted seals through the glass barrier from above or below the ice. In addition, learn more about these fantastic creatures through its shows, “Spotted Seal (Animal Fun Talk)” and “Walrus (Animal Fun Talk)”. Make sure you wear multiple layers as this exhibit is kept at low temperatures for the comfort of the animals.


South Pole Spectacular

South Pole Spectacular is home to penguins! Yes, our lovely talkative friends from the south pole can be found in Polar Adventure, The Summit, Ocean Park, Hong Kong. There are over 90 penguins from 3 different species, such as the ever-popular King Penguin. Check into the attraction’s Penguin Feeding session where you can watch the adorable penguins feed on fish from their handlers. Similarly to the North Pole Encounter, this exhibit is kept at low temperatures.




Tuxedos Restaurant

Make sure you stop by Tuxedos Restaurant if eating fresh seafood meals while admiring Polar Adventure’s penguins sounds like the perfect activity to do after a whole day of walking. Tuxedos Restaurant serves fresh, seafood pizzas, Salted Egg Yolk with French Fries and more. Dining reservations and cake order forms are available on Ocean Park’s website.




The Lodge

The Lodge is where you can find everything penguin related. This includes plush toys, headbands, keychains and much more. Penguin-lovers will definitely be excited to shop here.



Rainforest, The Summit 

Exciting picture of a float being rushed down river rapids at "The Rapids"

© Photo by Mk2010 on Wikimedia Commons




The Rapids

Want to experience a wet and wild ride? Get in line for the Rapids, where you are strapped in and tossed around down a 400-metre long rushing river. The scenery around each river bend is full of variety, from bushy undergrowths to jagged rocks and fountains. This is a wet ride, so you may want to buy a raincoat if necessary.




Expedition Trail

Take the Expedition Trail and start your trek deep into the Rainforest. Hear the calls of the toco toucan and try spotting the brightly coloured poison frogs. Besides that, discover many different types of fish lurking in the waters and other animals hidden amongst the leaves.




The Rainforest Bazaar and Rainforest Gift Shop

The Rainforest Bazaar and Rainforest Gift Shop both have a rainforest theme. This means you can get rainforest and jungle keychains and other souvenirs that catches your eye from either one of these shops. Besides that, you can pick up some dry clothes here too if you are soaking wet from the Rapids.



Thrill Mountain, The Summit 

View of Hair Raiser roller coaster ride about to plunge to a drop

© Photo by Anniewongw on Wikimedia Commons




Bumper Blaster

Bumper Blaster is an upgraded version of Bumper Cars, based off the aesthetics. In addition, the ground is designed to look like a cool pavement with car tire marks all over the area and the walls depict a really exciting race track. With this in mind, swerve your bumper car around the room chasing your opponents or just spin out of control, the choice is yours. It will be hard to tire of this gripping activity.


The Hair Raiser Ride

The Hair Raiser ride will literally make your hair stand on end as the course takes its riders on a crazy, wild ride. It is quite merciless and yet is popular for the thrill it brings. Hence, this activity is not for the faint of heart. But for those who dare to challenge it, get ready for an absolutely hair-raising experience!


Rev Booster

Rev Booster makes you feel like you will fly off your seats as your ride is whirled around at top speed while dipping up and down much like a dolphin. As you are circled around, your senses will be pleasantly stimulated by bright lights, fun music and the joyful screams of your fellow riders. Want to experience this? Seek out the Rev Booster.


The Flash

The Flash is a round contraption that takes off “in a flash”, swings you side to side at great heights, up to 22 metres high, and spins you around so quickly that you might see stars. It is like a swing, but much taller, and much more intense. Thrill-seekers will love this one to bits.


Whirly Bird
At Whirly Bird, get strapped in for a magical chair swing ride as you soar 30 metres off the ground. If you have ever dreamed of flying like a bird in a continuous circle, this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss for the world.



Adventure Land, The Summit 

Sunset picture of Ocean Park's Mine Train

© Photo by Enochlau on Wikimedia Commons




Mine Train

The Mine Train takes you 85 metres above with nothing else below you, hurtles you over peaks and drops in seconds. In other words, this ride does live up to its reputation as Ocean Park’s craziest ride. To kick your experience up a notch, take on the VR Mine Train challenge. Strap on a VR headset and be thrust into a whole new VR world whilst riding breakneck speed on the Mine Train ride. VR can be a really immersive experience, so it’s definitely something you should check out.


Raging River

The Raging River is a log water ride that takes visitors through tight ravines and down waterfalls into the mist below. The ride starts off easy, as you float gently down a calm river. However, just know that the ride lives up to its name of “Raging River”. In other words, don’t miss it, you have to try it at least once. This is a wet ride, hence you may want to bring along a raincoat.




Adventure Land

At Adventure Land, you can find and ride the world’s 2nd longest outdoor escalator system that stretches 225 metres long. Along the way, rest your legs and take in the beautiful scenery around you. 



Marine World, The Summit 

Close up shot of a beautiful jellyfish at Sea Jelly Spectacular

© Photo by Sea Jelly spectacular on Wikimedia Commons




The Crazy Galleon

The Crazy Galleon is a large white and red pirate ship that is sure to challenge the savviest of pirates. On the ship, you will be rocked back and forth mercilessly 20 metres off the ground, as if you were in the midst of a storm. Therefore, hang on to your hats! This is going to be a wild ride.


Ferris Wheel

Ocean Park’s Ferris Wheel at Marine World is a giant Ferris Wheel that will take you high into the sky overlooking the entire park. Hence, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for many pictures against panoramic scenery.


The Flying Swing

A normal playground swing will only take you back and forth. The Flying Swing, on the other hand, will lift you 7 metres off the ground and spin you around until you see stars. Combined with the excited screams of your fellow riders, this will truly feel like an exhilarating ride like no other.


Ocean Park Tower

Ocean Park Tower is a magnificent observation tower that allows visitors to overlook the South China Sea. Standing at an impressive height of 200 metres, visitors are also granted the luxury of having a full 360-degree view to admire. Don’t hesitate, take this opportunity to create unforgettable memories!  


The Abyss

The Abyss is one of Ocean Park’s ultimate thrill ride that is not for the faint of heart. Strap on your seatbelts as you’ll be carried all the way up the Abyss tower, before plunging 20 stories straight to the ground. So, will you scream with excitement or dread? You will have to ride to find out. Similarly to the Mine Train in Adventure Land, The Abyss offers a VR experience for their riders. Strap on a VR headset and be propelled into Space! Yes, a VR Space Voyage. You should definitely take our word for it and check it out.


The Dragon

The Dragon is where you can experience first hand, Ocean Park’s ultimate hardcore roller coaster ride. It is full of 360 degree turns and sharp turns that even the most seasoned roller coaster veterans might find this hard to stomach. If you think you are up for the challenge, definitely check out The Dragon.




Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium – Yangtze Exploration

At the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium – Yangtze Exploration, visitors will discover many incredible and endangered creatures such as the Chinese sturgeon. Visitors can also learn more about the animals and conservation through the exhibit’s “Chinese Sturgeon (Trainer’s Talk)”.


The Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre

The Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre (MMBRC) cares for the animals within Ocean Park and outside in the wild. Therefore, come see the facilities and be educated on how dolphins in Ocean Park help humans to conserve dolphins in the wild.


The Ocean Theatre

At the Ocean Theatre, be wowed by the “Ocean Wonders” show that will captivate you with its talented marine animals. Also, remember to attend the “Dolphin (Trainer’s Talk)” where you can learn more about our lovely, intelligent mammal friends and get a meet and greet up close.


Pacific Pier

Walk down to the Pacific Pier to see seals and sea lions play in water and sand. Furthermore, the waters ripple as if you really were at a Pier and there are even cool jagged rocks in the area. Listen to the “Sea Lion & Seal (Animal Fun Talk)” to learn more about how litter can negatively impact our precious marine life. In addition, visitors may get the chance to feed the seals and sea lions personally! 


Sea Jelly Spectacular

Enter Sea Jelly Spectacular’s dark exhibit illuminated only with gently floating jellyfishes. As you explore the area, be amazed by the 1,000 delicate jellyfishes swimming gracefully around you. Additionally, visitors are able to walk through a Mirror Maze and participate in the “Sea Jelly (Trainer’s Talk)”. Indeed, this is one of Ocean Park’s most reputable attractions, so make sure you write this down in your itinerary.


Shark Mystique

You will literally find it hard to miss Shark Mystique as visitors will find themselves drawn to the entrance, which is shaped like a shark’s gaping jaw. Besides having an intriguing opening, Shark Mystique also has a very unique interior. Have you ever seen over a hundred sharks and rays in one place? Better yet, have you ever seen an aquarium with a 360-degree view of all the gorgeous marine predators around you? Furthermore, there are interactive games, educational activities and a “Shark & Ray (Trainer’s Talk)”. Shark Mystique undoubtedly offers an incredible experience like no other, so do make it a point to visit this incredible attraction.


Garden of Joy

The Garden of Joy is heavily inspired by Japanese culture. The place acts as a sacred space for visitors to relax and unwind. Stroll by and enjoy ponds filled with Koi fish, beautifully sculpted bushes and beautiful bridges. Fill your heart with happiness as you experience the wonders of the Garden of Joy.




The Bayview Restaurant

The Bayview Restaurant treats its customers with the sight of their bustling open kitchen and the ocean outside. Besides that, the restaurant’s diverse menu provides offerings from various Asian cuisines. The Bayview Restaurant also allows you to preorder cakes online.


The Terrace Café

The Terrace Café offers the best of outdoor dining at Ocean Park. Treat yourself with succulent seafood where you can taste the salty sea breeze on your tongue and admire the scenery around you. There are also seasonal dishes and Chef’s specials that you get to look forward to every time you visit, so what’s not to love?


Café Ocean

Café Ocean offers its customers a wide array of famous Southeast Asian cuisine and certified Halal food. Ocean Park’s website also offers dining reservations so if you want to skip the queue, make sure you book ahead of time.



If Southeast Asian cuisine is not up to your palette, do not worry. There is a McDonald’s Restaurant in Marine World. The food is cheap and familiar to all of us, so don’t worry about your dining options at Ocean Park, Hong Kong.




Ocean Paradise

Like the Old Hong Kong at Aqua City, Marine World has a plethora of shopping options. First, you can visit Ocean Paradise for marine-themed souvenirs such as seal and dolphin plush pillows and much more.


Mystique Treasures

Meanwhile, Mystique Treasures is where the shark-themed souvenirs like shark teeth necklaces and shark plush toys are.


The Ocean Theatre Souvenir Express

The Ocean Theatre Souvenir Express offers marine animal-inspired toys and even memorabilia of the Ocean Theatre’s animal stars.


The Pacific Chandlers

Lastly, the Pacific Chandlers have Pacific Pier-inspired plush toys modelled after the sea lions and seals you met the pier!


Other Tips You Should Know


Opening Hours and Show Timing

Ocean Park operates from 10am-6pm on weekdays, and 10am-7pm on weekends. Visitors are encouraged to check Ocean Park’s website for specific timings for animal shows and more.


Free Services

Ocean Park has unlimited free Wi-Fi service for its visitor

Download Ocean Park’s Mobile App to enjoy tons of interactive functions

Currency exchange service is available at Aqua City’s Ocean Square.

The ATM is located at Ocean Park’s Entrance.

Get a free wristband for your child at Guest Relations. You can write down your contact details and your child’s height on it for a smoother experience at Ocean Park. 


Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of Ocean Park’s Mobile Charging Service. Rent little portable chargers for HK$50/day.

FedEx International Delivery Service is available for “Waterfront Gifts”, a shop found in Aqua City, Waterfront. This means you can have your gifts sent back home overseas for a fee of HK$1,800 to HK$3,200 depending on the weight.

Stroller Rental, The rental fee for a single stroller is HK$140 per day, Aqua City, The Waterfront

Ocean Park has a handful of affordable Locker Rental services in various areas which are on a first come, first served basis.

There are food kiosks located around Ocean Park, so even if a particular zone doesn’t have any restaurants, you can still fill your stomach along the way and sustain your energy. 


List of Height, Age, Weight requirements for Rides 


Aqua City

Sea Life Carousel. There is a minimum height requirement of 107cm (42 inches) and above, and a weight requirement of 125kg (275lb) and below. Those below 107cm (42 inches) or aged 5 and below must be accompanied by an adult and shall sit on specific seats.


Whiskers Harbour

Balloons Up-Up-and-Away. Visitors below a height of 91cm (36 inches) needs to be accompanied by a person age 15 and above, or 91cm (36 inches) of height and above. Visitors also need to be at least age 1 and above in order to ride, for safety reasons.

Bouncer House. There are height and age requirements of 150cm (59 inches) and below, and age 3 and above in order to enter the Bouncer House.

Frog Hopper has a height requirement of 91cm (36 inches) in order to ride the Frog Hopper.

Merry-go-round has the same restrictions as the Sea Life Carousel, namely, a minimum height requirement of 107cm (42 inches) and above, and a weight requirement of 125kg (275lb) and below.

Toto the Loco has a minimum height requirement of 91cm (36 inches) and above, and an age requirement of 1 year and above. Those below 91cm (36 inches) must be accompanied by an adult.


Polar Adventure

Arctic Blast has a minimum height requirement of 100cm (39 inches) and above, and an age requirement of 4 years of age and above. Children between 4 and 6 years of age or between 100cm (39 inches) to 120cm (47 inches) of height must sit in the same row with an accompanied person is age 15 and above, and is 120cm (47 inches) or above in height.



The Rapids has a minimum height requirement of 120cm (47 inches) and above. Children whose height is 120cm (47″) or below must be accompanied by someone age 15 and above and is of 120cm or above in height.


Thrill Mountain

Bumper Blaster has a minimum height requirement of 145cm (57 inches) for single riders/drivers, and 120cm (47″) for children; age requirement of 12 years and above for single riders/driver, and 8 years and above for children.

Hair Raiser has a height requirement of 140cm (55 inches)

Rev Booster has a height requirement of 130cm (51 inches). Visitors aged below 12 must be accompanied by a person age of 15 and above.

The Flash has a height requirement between 137cm (54 inches) and 195cm (77 inches); age requirement of age 12 and above.

Whirly Bird has a height requirement of 122cm (48 inches).


Adventure Land

Mine Train has a height requirement of 122cm (48 inches). Visitors should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions. Passengers who use wheelchairs must transfer from their device to the seats and vice versa with the assistance of their companions. Expectant mothers should not ride. The VR Gear should not be used by visitors age 13 and under. If visitors suffer from a heart condition, other serious medical condition, or pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities, red-eye syndrome, other infectious eye diseases, epilepsy dizziness, or related medical history, they may not use the VR Gear.

Raging River has a height requirement of 122cm (48 inches); age requirement of 3 years and above. Visitors of height 122cm (48 inches) and below must be accompanied by another visitor who is age 15 and above and is of 122cm and above in height.


Marine World

The Crazy Galleon has a height requirement of 122cm (48 inches).

Marine World’s Ferris Wheel has a height requirement of 152cm (60 inches). Visitors of height 152cm (60 inches) and below must be accompanied by a visitor who is age 15 and above and is of height 152cm and above.

The Flying Swing has a height requirement of 125cm (49 inches) and an age requirement of 8 years and above.

Ocean Park Tower has a height requirement of 122cm (48 inches). Visitors with a height of 122cm (48 inches) and below must be accompanied by a visitor who is age 15 and above, and is 122cm and above in height.

The Abyss has a height requirement of 132cm (52 inches). Visitors should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions. Expectant mothers should not ride. The VR Gear should not be used by visitors age 13 and under. If visitors suffer from a heart condition, other serious medical condition, or pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities, red-eye syndrome, other infectious eye diseases, epilepsy dizziness, or related medical history, they may not use the VR Gear.

The Dragon has a height requirement of 132cm (52 inches).


Thank You for Reading!

We have come to the end of the Ultimate Guide to Ocean Park, Hong Kong. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about Hong Kong’s world-renown theme park. Which part of this guide did you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe for more TouristSecrets!


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