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7 BEST South Africa Tours You Have To Try NOW


Modified: December 7, 2022

by Ashley Phillips

An aerial shot of the South Africa Gardens
©Photo by Lina Loos on Unsplash

With the boom in South Africa tourism, it is no wonder that many people seem to be searching for tours and must-see destinations within this country’s borders. There are many amazing sights to behold, so how do you choose which tours and places you need to add to that vacation itinerary? In this guide, we are going to take on a little trip through some of South Africa’s tours, which will encompass some of the most amazing places and things to do in South Africa. You will see incredible wildlife, stunning panoramic views, and take in some of the fantastic wines of this remarkable country.


So, let’s hop on that truck for a safari you will never forget!


Must-Do South Africa Tours

There are a few things that come to mind when you say South Africa tours. You probably dream of safari, unique natural beauty, and amazing wildlife! Below we have put together a list of some of the best tours to take. These tours will ensure that your South African travel goals will be met and then some, too.




Find The Wildlife On A Kruger National Park Safari

a lioness peacefully walking in Kruger National Park

©Photo by South African Tourism on Flickr


Africa and safari go together like peanut butter and jelly, so when heading to South Africa you need to make sure this is one of your top priorities. One of the best places to go on a safari is in Kruger National Park. Not only does this park offer a variety of different safari tours, but it also has accommodations within its borders if you want to enjoy the wildlife in style and comfort.


Taking a safari through the park will get you up close and personal with some of Africa’s all-stars, otherwise known as the big 5. You will almost assuredly get to see lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos. Not only will you get a drive through the territories of these amazing creatures, but you will also get to take on the stunning plains and wonderfully beautiful native flora and fauna.


There are tours for families and couples, or you can hop a ride solo and make some friends. No matter which South African tour you take, you will make memories and take photos you will treasure for a lifetime.



Explore The Caverns at Cango Caves

unique limestone formations in the Cango Caves

©Photo by Russel James Smith on Flickr


If you want a little different experience, then you may want to take a tour of the Cango Caves. These caves lie underneath the beautiful Cango Valley. You can make a day trip and experience the caves and this stunning valley created by the beautiful Swartberg Mountains.


These caves are a dripstone cavern created over eons of time. You will roam through large caverns and take in impressive rock formations. When touring this cave, you have two options. You have the heritage tour, which is the basic tour. This tour is excellent for families and individuals alike.


The second choice, the Adventure tour takes you deeper into the cave system than the Heritage. This tour is not suggested for anyone under 8 years old, as it does have some steep ascents and descents. Both tours should be booked ahead of time to ensure your spot.



Meet The Elephants At Addo Elephant National Park

a mother and baby elephant walking together at Addo National Park

©Photo by Brian Snelson on Flickr


One of the biggest South African tourism attractions is the Addo Elephant National Park. Take a day trip or one of the many tours available out, or spend a few nights in the third-largest national park in South Africa. This family-friendly adventure can help you have fun making art in many activities. You can, of course, take a game drive or safari to see the lush wildlife and vegetation.


Try hiking the wide selection of trails. Or if you have a notion to hop on a horse, you can traverse those trails on horseback. You can ATV, or if you want a little you time send the kids out to do that, while you take advantage of the Addo Indlovu Spa.


There is a swimming pool at the main camp, and if you arrive at the right time, you may even be able to take part in some holiday programs specifically designed for the little ones. There is a fee to enter, but once you are in the rest is free, unless you want accommodations or a private adventure.



Go Back In Time At The Cradle of Humankind

the path going down to the Sterkfontein Caves

©Official photo from the Cradle of Humankind


If you are looking for a tour that has just a little more history involved, then taking a tour of the Cradle of Humankind is just the right ticket for you. Here, you will be able to tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the longest-running paleoanthropological dig in the world.


This location offers exhibits, and once you have visited the sites including the Sterkfontein Caves, you can also take part in beautiful hikes and even a safari at the rhino and lion nature reserve that is close to the site. 



Wine And Dine In Constantia

the vineyward at Groot Estate Constantia Cape Town

©Photo by Michael Fu on WikiCommons


If you are more into food and wine than lions and elephants, then taking a tour of the wine country of Constantia is one of the great things to do in Cape Town. South African tourism wouldn’t be the same without the culinary tourism boom that has been going on over the last few decades. Constantia has a little something for everyone.


There are vineyards and restaurants, spas, and shopping centers. For the more adventurous, you can hit some of the hiking trails or ride on them if you want. Or you can hop on a zip line for a unique view of the valley. The wine tours are great for couples looking for a fun way to spend the day, or solo travelers looking to make some friends.


There are day tours and half-day tours. Some are exclusive to one winery, while others take you on a sampling of several. You can get tours that include a bit of the local history, but all of them will have you enjoying some of the best wine in the world. 



West Coast National Park

beautiful view of the lakes and foliage at West Coast National Park

©Photo by flowcomm on Flickr


Just a short drive from Cape Town you have a vast national park that offers stunning beauty and an assortment of wildlife that will have you jumping for joy. The West Coast National Park has a wide variety of landscapes. Everything from marshlands and beaches to rolling fields.


It is also a great place to do a little bird watching on the two islands, Jutten and Malagas. You can see flamingoes and penguins and other rare avian species. There is also a flower reserve, or you can hit Langebaan Lagoon to see not only those flamingoes but zebras and ostriches too.


Because of its location, there are also great opportunities to do some whale watching. You can, of course, hike or bike the mountain trails or simply pack a picnic. 



Cape Peninsula

photo from a drone of the beautiful Cape Peninsula in South Africa

©Photo by Theo Crazzolara on Flickr


Taking a scenic driving tour down the coast of the Cape Peninsula is a definite must. You will be able to take in stunning ocean views and stop at some amazing sights along the way. Starting in Muizenberg and ending in Hout Bay, this long stretch of land will have you stopping at all the main sights you can see.


From Boulders Beach to Kirstenbosch Gardens, to Cape Point Reserve, there are so many places to see and things to do in South Africa. And when it comes to the peninsula, you may just have to take multiple tours. Most of the tours take in the sights along the way.


Many tours will stop at the above-mentioned places, as well as take you to some of the coastal villages. Some even take you out on the water to some of the many islands that dot the coastline, like Duiker Island.


Final Thoughts

If you want to go to South African tourism and try a new adventure, you should look at one or several of these tour optionsHopefully, this carefully curated list of must-do things in South Africa has helped you narrow your list down or maybe even added a few ideas to your overall plan. Either way, no matter what tour you decide on, you will be amazed at what South Africa has to offer. 


If you have time to spare, go to Johannesburg or Durban and beautiful South Africa gardens. You can also explore the Lonely Kalahari Desert, another popular tourist destination. And don’t forget to try The Great Gatsby, the famous sandwich from South Africa!